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What is a Multi-function Timer?

by Ed Kenny | Aug 15, 2016

Multifunction timers, as the name implies, are capable of providing a broad range of timing functions, or modes, within a single unit or SKU. This capability is certainly an important consideration in this day and age as end users, OEM’s, distributors, and others are looking for ways to reduce electronic timer inventories and yet be able to have programmable timer solutions for a wide range of applications. A multifunction timer is designed to be user set or programmed for a desired specific available timing mode or function. This overview provides some common features and timing modes/functions available in multifunction timers.

Common Features

  • A multifunctional timer may have analog dials or digital displays.
  • It may be surface mounted, din rail mounted, or panel mounted.
  • Most models are available in the popular 1/16 DIN size (48 x 48 mm).
  • They typically plug into a socket or base to which the external wiring connections are made, or in the case of a panel mounted unit, an add-on terminal block with rear facing terminals may be used. In either case this type of plug in connection system allows for easy installation, change-out, or service.

    Multifunction Timers can be used in a myriad of applications.

Multifunction Timers can be used in a myriad of applications, from spray paint booth ventilation to injection molding machines.The applications are limitless.

Common Timing Modes and Functions

  • on-delay (output turns on at timeout, stays on until reset or power off)
  • interval or one-shot (output is on during timing, turns off at timeout)
  • off-delay (output turns on at start input, timing begins when start input is removed)
  • repeat cycle (output cycles on and off, whereas the setpoints for the on and off periods may be same or different values).

Special Timing Modes and Functions

  • delay-interval (timed delay at start input, then output turns on for timed interval)
  • sequential interval (two different outputs operate at two different times, in sequence)
  • dual intervals which can be set to control two outputs that either begin or end together

Eagle Signal multifunction timers are the clear choice when selection, accuracy, and reliability are of the utmost importance.

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